46 Texans among 700 nationwide lobbying Congress

46 Texans among 700 nationwide lobbying Congress

Recently, more than 700 NAIFA members, including 46 members from Texas, attended the association’s Congressional Conference in Washington, D.C.

NAIFA members paid visits to their Senators and Representatives asking them to carefully consider the negative effects the Camp tax reform draft would have on taxpayers. Proposals in the draft make it more difficult and more expensive for Americans to achieve financial security. The draft includes half a trillion dollars worth of changes to the tax code that would directly or indirectly impact the insurance industry and our clients in an unfavorable manner.

Specifically, nearly $225 billion comes from adverse and complex changes to retirement savings. Another $87 billion in new revenue would come from changes affecting certain life insurance markets, and insurance product and company taxes. Finally, $272 billion comes from adverse changes to the cost of doing business.

Review each provision and the cost of the associated change

Our members also spoke with Members of Congress regarding NARAB II, stressing the importance of removing unnecessarily burdensome aspects of the producer licensing system. There is strong bipartisan support for NARAB II and Congressmen were asked to ensure that the legislation is passed this year.

The meetings were well received by Senators Cornyn and Cruz and the 30 Texas Congressmen our state delegation visited.

  • Amarillo
  • Hollie Gandy
  • James Thompson
  • Austin
  • Ron Mullen
  • Doug Richards
  • Jeff Socha
  • Tim Von Kennel
  • Corpus Christi
  • Roland Barrera
  • Dallas
  • Steve Anderson
  • David Blanchard
  • Lane Boozer
  • Stephen Harris
  • Daniel O’Connell
  • Cameron Reeves
  • Tallie Young
  • El Paso
  • James Cuilty
  • Lorena Garcia Valenzuela
  • Robert Gonzalez
  • Mike Graham
  • Joseph Orr
  • Cynthia Rivas
  • James Valenzuela
  • Fort Worth
  • Michael Giannetti
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  • Chris Hatton
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  • Karolyn Chapman
  • Brandon Green
  • Lindsey James
  • Kyle Lindner
  • Terrell Taylor, Jr.
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  • Jennifer Williams
  • Pineywoods
  • Wes McKnight
  • San Angelo
  • Doug Massey
  • San Antonio
  • Michael Aguirre
  • Ron Botello
  • Tobin Hoffmann
  • Jerry Mathis
  • Mary Rodriguez
  • Mike Steadman
  • Jason Talley
  • David Webb
  • TX Gulf Coast
  • Frederick Jones
  • Phyllis Thompson-Jones
  • Wichita Falls
  • Phil Brooks