President Lane Boozer: Remembering Des Taylor, JD

President Lane Boozer: Remembering Des Taylor, JD

Dear NAIFA-Texas Family,

Roughly a year ago, we learned some very upsetting news that our dear friend, Mr. Des Taylor had been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer. We learned a short time later that Des’ illness was very likely terminal and that he would not be with us much longer. In fact, he was with us barely a month after we learned of his diagnosis. Sadly, we said a final farewell to Des on August 27, 2013. On this day, July 30, one year ago, Des penned a farewell letter to all of us. I feel that this letter is worth reading again today.

Des was a great man, a great leader, a staunch advocate for all things NAIFA. He was a mentor to many of us, and a great friend to all. We miss you, Des. You’ve left us a great legacy and some big boots to fill.

Lane Boozer, LUTCF
2014-15 NAIFA-TX President

A Farewell Statement to NAIFA-Texas

In March of 2002, I stood before you for the first time as your CEO and CLO. I recall saying that I did not know for how long this journey would take me. However, I wanted to assure the members that at the end of that journey, however long it would be, my pledge was to leave you as a stronger, more effective, and more dynamic organization. I think that by nearly every standard of measurement we achieved that result. So I stand before you today announcing that my expectations have been met, and I hope that yours have as well.

Doug Massey and I were visiting a couple of months back and I reminded him of that commitment. He said, “You know Des, I believe we have met that.”

By nearly every standard of measurement, we are today a far more active, stronger, regulated, and competent organization. We have a better and stronger political committee and we have achieved milestones along the way. We are legendary.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful experience, for the kindnesses that you have poured out of your heart, and for the personal support – all which you have done to make me feel comfortable, at ease, and at ease in my own skin.

I think many of you in your own mind know what it is that we did together. And so I simply say to you, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and yours. I will always love you.

Des Taylor

July 30, 2013