The protective advisor.

NAIFA's advocacy success is second to none in insurance and financial services.

The research arm of the National Journal validated what every NAIFA member knows: NAIFA is viewed by policymakers as the most credible, valued and respected voice in the industry. With a NAIFA member in every Congressional District, no other organization comes close to rivaling NAIFA's grassroots efforts.

NAIFA's PAC is the largest among all insurance and financial services groups. That ranking doesn't include the additional work IFAPAC and our state PACs do every day, helping represent advisors and the industry in all 50 state capitals.

NAIFA protects our business. Among our recent advocacy successes:

  • The tax reform law made no changes to the taxation of life insurance and annuity products, and it did not place stricter limits on pre-tax contributions to retirement plans or Individual Retirement Accounts.
  • The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule. NAIFA worked with members of Congress, regulators and the federal courts to ensure the rule did not destroy the business of insurance and financial advisors or prevent lower- or middle-income Americans from getting retirement products and advice.
  • The Senior Safe Act was signed into law. NAIFA's advocacy helped ensure the law provides bona fide benefits for older investors while protecting advisors acting in good faith liability and other potential consequences.

Educate lawmakers at one of the largest industry Congressional Conference in Washington.

  • Each May, nearly 1,000 NAIFA members attend the Congressional Conference to educate lawmakers about the role the industry, our products and services have been securing the financial futures of 90 million Americans.
  • Be a part of the largest advocacy event in insurance and financial services. Join your fellow members and tell your clients of your commitment to represent Main Street America on Capitol Hill.