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It is safe to say that COVID-19 has thrown the world as we know it for a loop. With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, one cannot help but think about what would happen to their loved ones if something were to happen to them. It has also forced us to have conversations we did not think we would have. One of which being life insurance and another being what today’s post is about: Estate...

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It is still Life Insurance Awareness Month! Earlier this month we talked about the mission behind LIAM and provided resources to learn more about life insurance and its benefits. With the presence of COVID-19, more and more individuals are learning about life insurance. However, there are still some myths out there that are causing confusion.

Finder reported and debunked some...


In this industry, the desire to learn and keep learning is imperative. We asked some of our NAIFA-Texas members what books have impacted them the most. Each month we will be featuring a new list of recommended reads!


Today marks the beginning of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)! Each year, during the month of September, the industry bands together in support and promotion of life insurance awareness. The...

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At the start of 2020, NAIFA-Texas was looking forward to a calendar of regional events and live meetings all around our state. But then, we all know what happened: Priorities and lives were directly impacted by COVID-19.

The NAIFA-Texas Professional Development Committee immediately began meeting monthly to see how we could and should react with quality programs that would reach our members across the state in the most impactful way....

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We are very excited to bring you our first member feature on the NAIFA-Texas blog! Charlie Matejowsky has been with Van Dyke Rankin Financial Services in Brenham, Texas for his 38 year career, and a NAIFA member for 34 of those years. He also was the NAIFA-Texas Lifetime Achievement Award recipient at our 2020 State Conference. We sat down with Charlie to ask him how he has adapted his business model during the COVID-19 pandemic and how Zoom...


Primaries. Check. Runoffs. Check. What now?

As the main event in the form of the General Election nears, it is safe to say Texas will be one to watch on the state and federal level. Democrats are looking to keep their momentum going from the 2018 mid-terms, where they gained and flipped enough seats in the Texas House to separate the margin by 9. House Republicans are prepared for battle as they try to get back the seats they lost and...


Over the past decade and then some, we have seen a bigger push for diversity and inclusion (D&I). From big corporations to small businesses, employers are seeing the value of diversity. Millennials have hopped on this trend with really considering a company’s D&I resources and programs before accepting employment. In short, this has become a top priority for millennials, who will be the largest and most diverse generation breaking...


Tomorrow, the polls will open for the 2020 primary runoff and special election races. The results of the March 3rd Texas primary produced over 30 races that Texans will vote on. In these races, no candidate exceeded 50% of the vote. Here is a list of the candidates...


In what feels like a New York minute, the coronavirus pandemic has totally shifted how people view and plan for their futures. Especially with retirement.

“The coronavirus pandemic and economic downtown are intensifying existing risks to retirement security, and creating an even greater urgency for a new social contract among governments, employers, individuals and other stakeholders,” said...


NAIFA-Texas takes these principles very seriously. Our membership and staff are constantly seeking new ways to further our engagement with our growing membership.

With that said, welcome to our new blog! NAIFA-Texas will be using this platform to bring you the latest and most useful information, insights, and updates surrounding the topics and issues that affect the industry. We will also be discussing upcoming legislation we plan to...