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NAIFA-Texas: Advocacy at the State Level

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703 Reasons to Be a Member

Based on dues and the number of bills that could affect your book of business, it would have cost you $1.07 per bill, per day to watch each each of the bills that NAIFA-Texas watched for you at the state level during the 86th Legislative Session. If you tried to watch, analyze, and respond to all of the bills - 703 of them that affected our industry - you would lose valuable time and money. Aren't you glad NAIFA-Texas does it for you?

86th Legislative Session Accomplishments

During the 86th Legislative Session, NAIFA-Texas worked with associations and stakeholders to pass four bills.

  • SB 1264: Puts a stop to surprise medical bills.
  • HB 2820: Eliminates duplicative regulation and places the authority for regulation of 403(b) products within the Texas Department of Insurance.
  • HB 259: Prohibits named driver policies, but allows insurers to add an endorsement to a policy that excludes coverage for a driver specifically named in the endorsement.
  • SB 615: Sunset legislation pertaining to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Establishes a process for automatic renewal of policies and acceptance of certain payment methods; formally authorizes TWIA to provide supplemental payments; determines replacement cost at effective date of policy rather than at the time of property loss; and transfers the issuance of certificates of compliance from TWIA to the Texas Department of Insurance.

For more detailed information about each of the above bills, please click here.

When the legislature is not in session, NAIFA-Texas is still working hard to protect your industry and the interest of your clients. We monitor the Texas Department of Insurance, the Texas State Securities Board, the Texas Ethics Commission, the Teacher Retirement System, and other agencies/organizations for new and changing rules. We want to ensure we are present when there is a request for comments, subject matter expertise, or testimony. The campaign season is our opportunity to monitor candidates who are running for office and cultivate relationships in preparation for the next legislative session.

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