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NAIFA-Texas: Advocacy at the State Level

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661 Reasons to Be a Member

Based on the average dues around across Texas and the number of bills that could affect your book of business, it would have cost you $1.07 per bill, per day to watch each each of the bills that NAIFA-Texas watched for you at the state level during the 85th Legislative Session. If you tried to watch, analyze, and respond to all of the bills - 661 of them that affected our industry - you would lose valuable time and money. Aren't you glad NAIFA-Texas does it for you?

85th Legislative Session Accomplishments

During the 85th Legislative Session, NAIFA-Texas worked with associations and stakeholders to pass five bills.

  • SB 1406: Allows for TDI to apply for the ACA 1332 waiver.
  • HB 1197: Extends the training period for a temporary agent's license to 30 days instead of 14.
  • HB 1073: Includes life-only insurance agents to apply for the provisional license.
  • SB 561: Provides uniform process for insurers to search and identify deceased persons on the Death Master File, and complete good faith effort to find the benefactor.
  • HB 3921: Provides a framework for financial institutions, securities dealers, and investment advisors to protect and report potential fraudulent activities on vulnerable seniors.

When the legislature is not in session, NAIFA-Texas is still working to protect our industry and the interest of your clients. We follow the Texas Department of Insurance and the Teacher Retirement system for new and changing rules. We want to make sure we are present when there is a request for comments. The campaign season is our opportunity to watch and listen to those are running for office and form relationships.

NAIFA National: Advocacy at the Federal Level

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